Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Oh geesh I'm tired today. I've been seeing someone recently and its moving along nicely and I've been staying at his place lately. Get ur dirty minds outta the gutter, I just stay with him (ok so there is some making out but thats it perv lol) but I stayed at his house again last night. It seems I've been there on the nights before I have to run and so not a good idea. He was so sweet this morning (and looking oh sooo good) he told me to stay in bed when he left for the hospital and I should have listened to him but I didn't.

I wanted to run my 6 miles before body pump today and then do class. So I got up shortly after he left stopped for the best coffee in the world (dunkin donuts) and then went to the gym. BUT I was only able to do 4 miles by the time class started, however I felt so good running I wanted to finish the run instead of stopping for an hour class then going back after to do 2 more miles. So I skipped class, finished my run then did weights on my own. So what I am getting at is I could have and should have stayed in bed, gotten 2 extra hours of sleep and then I wouldn't feel so terrible right now. But I never listen and now I have a headache and I feel a little nauseous and I'm super tired and unmotivated to do anything that I must and its only 1 in the afternoon.

I'd like to say I've learned something here but I probably didn't. I'm already over working myself I haven't taken a day off from exercise in 10 days now and still have 3 more days until I have ONE day off. I know all of this is NOT good for me but I planned my training around my RPM classes. I teach on Monday, Wednesday and Friday I had to do my long run on a day I don't teach so that was Thursday. So with my training schedule paired with my RPM schedule on the day's I have off from running I have to teach RPM so my only day off completely is on Saturdays. I didn't have last Saturday off however because I subbed a class. Dumb. Very Dumb. Once this gets to be too much I think I'm going to give up my Friday RPM class, temporarily of course. This is something I don't want to do (cuz I just got a new car and a car payment) but I know I'm going to have to do it soon. BOO!

On the flip side I feel great when I am running, I did 6 miles on the dreaded treadmill (it was thunder storming, torrential down pouring for a bit and the featured performance was by a lightening show that would have made pink floyd jealous). I hate the treadmill. But I did very well, wasn't tired and physically felt like 6 miles was nothing. So I'm totally getting this endurance thing down already. I lost 1.6lbs at my weigh in this past Saturday and I'm hoping on a loss this week too. I'm like 2lbs away from officially hitting the 30lbs lost and I'm dying to get there so I can reward myself with a new belly ring. I've been trying to hit this mark for a while, I kinda slacked the past 6 weeks, however it was intentional so that I could be crazy serious now...which obviously I am.

Happy running...

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  1. Very awesome Anna.. You are so dedicated to this. Karalee