Sunday, August 1, 2010

Day 1-A run in the MN country side

Well its official I am now training to run my first half marathon. I'm in Minnesota and last night I met up with my BFF from high school, we went to a party and to the Legion (I grew up in a small town cut me some slack). Luckily I drove so I had to remain sober, I figured getting drunk the first day before marathon training wasn't really the way to start, lol.

So I have to say it was hard to get going today first thing I forgot my pro-biotic at home so I was terrified that I would get a case of the runners trots (and I did but thank the heavens it didn't happen until AFTER the run AND it was just gas). Also I am sleeping on an air mattress, its better than the couch but not as good as my sweet ass bed. And the last thing in my way was mother nature, it was raining. Well I decided to run on the road instead of the dirt trails because I didn't want to get my lunarglides all muddy. The run was very beautiful and peaceful in my Minnesota country side but it was also a tad boring but cuz I ran 2.5 miles straight down County Road 1 and then turned around. I ran the first 2 miles at a normal pace but then did 4x400 meter sprints at tempo but that wasn't enough to save me from straight way boredom. When it was all said and done I kicked of my training in country girl fashion finishing 5 miles in 47:13 at an average pace of 9:25.

I had a family reunion today so I was there all day I ate super well and even ended the day with 1.5 points to spare with a FULL tummy but then I clocked my beers :( remind me next time i want to drink a Stella that its a 3 point beer and I need to enjoy the 64's instead for only a point. However, all worth it because it was the last time with my entire family, was a great day, I'm sure I'll sleep well even on the air mattress. Primed and ready to go got 2 miles tomorrow with 4x150 meter sprints after the run, mother nature is supposed to get in my way again but hey come race day its rain or shine so may as well train in it now.

PS: I have had a lot of people tell me they want to comment but can't figure it out. I've made it so you can comment w/o signing up for blogger. Just click the party where it says how man comments are on here and then it will take you to where you type what you wanna say and bada bang. Hope this helps you and I see more comments happy blogging!

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