Thursday, July 29, 2010

Runner's Trots

WARNING WARNING So if you don't like poop talk stop reading!

Only my 2nd blog and I'm about to get graphic and part of the plan! So for a while now when I run I've been getting gassy and feeling like I gotta poop. (I warned you) This only happens on days when I don't go before I run. I'm pretty common with when I go thanks to a Pro-Biotic I take but some days it just doesn't happen and when it doesn't on the days I run...ouchie, yucky and sucky! Either 1/2 way into my run I'll have to stop and go or it holds off until I get home but the crappy part (pun intended) is it throws me off all day and I don't feel right. So I asked a fellow weight watcher and runner about it because sometimes there is blood in there and cuz it sucks. She says I have what is called Runners Trots.

Runners Trots "An estimated 20-50% of distance runners have "runner's trots" with a range of symptoms from cramping and nausea to bouts of flatulence and diarrhea. This can occur during or after their exercise. The reasons are not known for sure and symptoms include Cramping, nausea, flatulence, diarrhea during or after exercise. This may produce painful cramping and the compulsory need to defecate." Yep...that's me! I have done further reading because like I said earlier that sometimes there is blood in there however based on my findings it seems nothing to worry about but it could be nothing or something as small as hemorrhoids or something as bad as cancer. So I've decided that once I get back from Minnesota that I'll just go ahead an schedule a trip to the doctor because I want to be on the safe side. I'll keep you posted but I really do believe its nothing or hemorrhoids lol...I'm soooo lucky.

Today's run: From Nike+ I ran 8.01 mi on 7/29/2010 at 6:39 AM with a pace of 9:45. Here is my breakdown of each mile: 1-9:37, 2-9:44, 3-9:51, 4-9:37, 5-9:51, 6-9:51, 7-10:05 and last mile was at 9:23. I ran a route in my neighborhood so it was all sidewalk/roadway running. I think I would have had a better time with this run but I was so worried about making my 8am appointment (Pippin to the groomer) that my head was too much into it. Normally when i run I have a blank mind, that's what I love about it. But today I was thinking about how I had to hurry and finish and run the dog in and then hopefully shower in time for my other appointment I had at 9am. All in all I was able to make everything and I'm feeling the better for it but for future run if I have a time limit I need to get outta bed when my alarm goes off and not hit the snooze button 4 times. Oh and no Runners Trots today thankfully!


  1. I hate when I gotta poop while running. Hate hate hate!

  2. Seriously I don't think there is anything worse than that happening when you run!