Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I was running...said in your best Forrest Gump

As the headline said I've always talked about doing a 1/2 marathon or a full heck I've even talked of doing the Steamboat 15K but I always followed it with "first I need to lose 20lbs". And of course i would never lose those 20lbs. But at the first of the year i needed to change my life and lose the weight i was so unhappy and very depressed and today i stand 30lbs lighter thanks to Weight Watchers.

My running started when my X boyfriend gave me a Nike+. I decided to do Nike's training for a 5k and in those 12 weeks i lost over 15lbs and found a sport that i really enjoy. Running is the one time a day where its just me and the road and nothing on my mind, I love that feeling of being free of emotions and just having to use my own drive to push each step forward. I never imagined at the start that I would be able to run 5 miles but after those 12 weeks i was up to 7 miles and today i can do 8! My first mile when i started was at a 13 mile pace today I'm at about 9:30 as an average but I can get to 9 minute miles if i push myself. I had planned to take a break over the summer from running and then at the end of it start running for a 10k, which i can already do but i wanted to do it better. Then Jana a girl I met through the Weight Watchers boards had asked me to run the Mankato 1/2 marathon with her since she lives there and I am from Minnesota. I said yes. So that's how I got here.

Once again I am going to train with Nike and it begins Sunday with a 5 mile run. I'll be in Minnesota but there is this awesome dirt running trail by my parents house so I'm really looking forward to the runs i have while there. Monday I have 2 miles and Tuesday I have another 5 all of which I'll still be in Minnesota. Thursday is my first long run (I'll do one a week) and that is at 8 miles and then another 5 next Saturday. I will still be teaching my RPM classes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday until it gets to be to much for me to handle. I'll average about 26 miles a week over the next 12 weeks. I've purchased my first pair of really nice, good running shoes. I went to a runners store, Running Central, got professionally fitted and walked out with the Nike Lunarglides. I've already booked my hotel in Mankato, I believe my sister is going to go and I'm still waiting to hear if my cousin Andrea will be there, I really hope so because I'm going to need all the support I can get. last thing to do is officially register for the race...I know that should have been the first but I haven't done it yet, will probably do that once I get back from Minnesota.

So there is my first blog on my road to the Mankato 1/2 marathon. I'll try to post each day i run but I promise to check in at least once a week. I hope you enjoy my ramblings and thanks for tagging along on my run.


  1. WTG Anna!!! Keep up the GREAT Work!!! Glad you found something you enjoy. Good Luck in Mankato!

  2. Thanks guys hope you enjoy my blogs!