Monday, August 2, 2010

Day 2-2 Miles is sooo much harder than 10 miles...

So today I had a 2 mile run and its much harder to run 2 miles as compaired to my long runs simply because I want to run more. But the whole time I kept thinking you need to only do 2 if you run more you will burn yourself out. So then I decided that I was going to run hard and fast for my 2 miles. lol So I did but I jacked up my ipod trying to skip songs so i can't tell you my pace today that's the one thing I hate about this Nike+/ipod. Anyway I know my first mile was done at a 9:14 pace. After the 2 miles I was supposed to do 4x150 meter sprints but instead I did 5x one tenth of a mile sprints. Its hot and humid here in Minnesota so I was about as drenched in sweat in the 30 minutes I was outdoors as I was in my 50 minutes outside in the rain yesterday day. My ankle was a bit sore at the start of my run but as it loosened up I felt fine, I continue with my daily therapy stretches and will start to do some balance and calf exercises to help it out as I continue my training. Tomorrow I have 5 miles with 15-20 minutes of strength training work after the run. Being with out a gym or weights I'm not sure what kind of strength work I'll do but I'm sure I'll figure something out, I'm thinking of doing alot of own body resistance work, like squats, push ups, planks with some cardio in between like jumping lunges, butt kicks, plyo's and so on. Sorry for such a boring blog post today.

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