Tuesday, March 8, 2011

I'm Getting FASTER!!!

Wooo hooo I'm getting faster! And I may be able to obtain my goal of finishing the 1/2 in under 2 hours! Everyone says that Indy is NOT the place to go for a PR since there are so many people there. So if I don't get my goal I'm okay with that because I know there is 35 thousands others trying to run this race. However I did get seeded and am hoping that may help me somewhat. I guess as long as I come in less than 2:10 I'll be happy but I'd really love to come in under 2 hours. Today's run I had 2 miles at easy pace, then 4 at tempo and then the last mile I did slower. My legs were pretty sore today, for some reason I have been exhausted. I wonder if Sunday's 8 miler had anything to do with that? Sunday after our run we went to the Down Syndrome Spaghetti dinner (I don't think that's the real name) and after literally crashed for 2 hours. I never take naps that long and was just so worn out from that run. And then yesterdays RPM class and strength work just killed it more. But I wasn't going to 1/2 ass today, my 4 miles at tempo had to be under 9 minute miles. Here's the breakdown and the comparison from the Garmin (1st) and then the Nike+ (2nd):

7-10:24/9:17 (I walked .10 up 1/2 Park hill, legs were sore)

It's funny how different they vary, over all time on the Garmin was 1:06:03. Garmin has me at 7.12 and Nike at 7.24 miles. I averaged a 9:58 pace in my first 1/2 so I'm aiming for a 9m/m pace for the next...hopefully. I also decided to try the Ice Bath after the run because my legs were so sore, yep its as uncomfortable and painful as they say. I know most generally do these after long runs but I was really sore and wanted a little aid in my recovery. I wasn't trilled at how I felt Sunday or even today and I've got 12 miles on Saturday and I wanna kill it so if that means ice baths then so be it. I'll probably have to do another on Saturday too since that will be my first 12 mile run since Mankato.

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