Monday, April 2, 2012

Holy $**t I Just RAN 20 Miles

I ran 20 miles and what do I have to show for it; it feels like my bones are crunching as I walk, I've got blisters on both feet between each toes, I feel like I ran 20 miles and I've got the worst case of chaffing you have EVER seen!

Friday morning began my plan and preparation for my 20 mile run and so did the bad feeling, maybe it was worry of running on Saturday, or  maybe it was because I was trying to replicate EXACTLY what I did for the 18 mile run. Either way I just knew something was off. Matters were not helped when plans changed on things that were out of my control and ended up throwing "my plan" into the wringer. On to a fresh set of plans. I also had to work Friday night, I was lucky that I was able to get myself out there by 10pm but I knew this was going to be difficult to pull of. However, after that I still had to go to the store to get some groceries because I had nothing in my house, not even toast or peanut butter. By the time I got home and into bed it was nearly midnight, Saturday wasn't looking good for me. I kept saying, "It's okay, just stay in bed until you wake up naturally, you'll be fine."

I slept very poorly and my head wasn't in it, today wasn't going to be great. My legs may have been in it, but we all know when it comes to running and distance running your head is just as important, if not more so. I had a great course planned, all of the bigger, challenging hills going down and the smaller hills going up. Stops were well planned, I had my GU and my running man next to me. At mile 5 the pain in the belly started to get me but I made it to the 8 mile pit stop just fine. Forward I went and about mile 9 I started to really doubt myself and slow down. First I was angry I was slow but I just kept telling myself that this is a "training run" my pace doesn't matter, all that matters is I make it through and that helped for a few miles. Once I reached 13 miles major doubt took over, I kept saying over and over "I can't do this" but I kept running and doubting. Then at mile 15 I really started to fatigue and I was hungry, my stomach was growling, I knew my last GU wasn't going to cut it at the next pit stop. So I got a Fiber One bar, a Gatorade AND my GU, off we continued. Mile 17 not only is my mind still saying "I can't" but now my body is saying it. At that point Matty tries to tell me it's okay to quit. I nearly bit his head off and spit daggers at him when I YELLED "I'M NOT FUCKING QUITTING!"

Quit I didn't and instead I ran the full 20 miles. I took alot more water breaks than I had planned or wanted but it was a training run and I finished, I didn't bike it, I didn't drive it, I ran TWENTY MILES!

This Saturday we kick off the 2012 race season with our first race a half marathon in Springfield, Illinois. Its a race we've talked about doing for nearly a year now although a tad hilly the bling at the finish is pretty bad ass, its a giant penny!

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  1. Sorry to hear you had a tough time with this run! Bummer! Hope your half was way better!