Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Recap: Mankato Half Marathon

There's a reason I keep coming back to Mankato; it's the home of my first half marathon and they just do it PERFECTLY! The race is small but put on like a big city; well organization, scenic (but challenging) route and spectacular volunteers. This is a point to point that starts at begins with a bus ride Mankato State University and ends in downtown.

Out of the four years this race has been running I've ran each year, with the exception of last, my goal wasn't lofty it was just to have a "Mankato PR" which should have been easy considering but it wasn't! Running is hard for me still but I know my body is still healing (from the hysterectomy and the full marathon two weeks ago) so I'm not taking it personally.

There is a reason why it's always said to lay your race outfit out the night before and that is because if you have forgotten something you can remedy the situation. Well in all my races I have never had this problem; until this race. I left my favorite running hat at home, in Illinois, in my dryer! So what was to be a quick trip to Hyvee or Walgreens to buy a new ball cap, turned into a quick trip with no such luck in finding a hat and then a not so quick trip across town to Wal-mart to buy a new one! Hey, I cannot run without a hat, I just can't, it's some sort of security blanket thing for me I guess.

The new hat!
Race day started pretty chilly but armed with a throw away hoodie and my new running hat I was ready to go! The race started with a very light mist but died off quickly and the first 6 miles flew by. I felt decent but rain came back to the race around the 5 mile point and I was grateful to have went out for that hat to keep it off my face but that didn't help my fingers from getting cold and once that happens I'm pretty miserable. Eventually I started to get sore, began walking a little longer through the water stops and eventually stopped to do a little stretch to release some back pains.

Once I finally broke through the country side and was on the home stretch I stopped for a walk break and as I did I herd "just keep moving-your doing good" and those words stuck with me and kept doing just that, moving. I even returned them to a woman who also started walking but it must have motivated her too because she instantly picked it back up and we ran about a half a mile together. As she slowed to walk the last hill she shouted encouragement and gratitude back to me to and I felt like I had to keep it strong till the end, it was just over a mile away now. As I headed in I heard Matty shout out a "good job baby" and with that I smiled as I finished and achieved my goal.

About to cross the finish!

Finish 2:08:14
Pace 9:48

As icing on the cake after the race it was a short drive north to a BBQ with my family! Got to see my aunt, cousins, sister, nephew and loved ones!


  1. Great race! I came in just a few minutes behind you.

  2. Great race! It's amazing how much those words of encouragement mean mid-race - just the thing to help a runner get through a rough patch :)