Thursday, October 21, 2010

And tomorrow were off to Mankato for the 1/2 Marathon and 10K!

Thank God my work is done and not crazy. However getting ready personally at home is another story. I still need to do some light cleaning-I'm one of those people that has to leave a super clean house/so I come back to a clean house. Then I gotta finish laundry and pack. Plus, I always HATE cooking the night before I go outta town-cuz that leaves dirty dishes-so after work I'm meeting peeps for Flat Top! Then I gotta hit Target because its suppose to rain race day-70% chance-awesome! So were gonna pick up some cheepo ponchos so we can be dry when the race starts and then just toss them. I was gonna get an audio book cuz the drive to MN is BORING but I went to the downtown branch forgetting its all tore up and that they don't have any. Lakeview is open until 9pm so hopefully I can swing in there tonight.

Spectators-still no word on my nephew and rents-told my mom that she just needs to call the place. My cousin Andrea sent me a . My sister backed out, which I totally expected.

I pick up my rental tomorrow morning as soon as it opens at 7:30-8ish. The plan is to leave at 10a, check into the hotel, go to the expo for our packet pick up, then prob dinner at one of the pasta feeds they have for runners, hyvee for breakfast items and then back to the room to set out all our gear and GO TO SLEEP!

Play list is DONE! I used some of my fav tunes and RPM music along with suggestions from friends and I did a contest with listeners for a fee tshirt, here's my play list:

I'm starting with slower songs so I remember to pace myself.
Eminem-Sing for the Moment
Katy Perry-Teenage Dream
Corey Hart-Sunglasses at Night  I <3 the 80's
Katy Perry f Snoop Dogg-California Girls
Lady Gaga-Bad Romance gotta have the Gaga this is where I start to pick up the tempo
Ke$ha-Take It Off  yes I added Ke$ha and you can suck it haters I like this tune besides she wants u to take it off!
Nickelback-Because of You I loved training to this song
Bruised Water-from RPM 45
What Is Love-From RPM 47-Klaas Meets Haddaway
Smells Like Teen Spirit-from RPM 34-Warp Brothers remix
Zombie-from RPM 40-Andrew Spencer takes on the Cranberries for this bad ass remix!
It's Not Over (and it will sooo not be over when I get to this song)-from the latest RPM release 48
Voodoo People-The Prodigy-from RPM 43

I figured at this point I may be wearing so I thought I would put in some more slower stuff to help me slow down and catch my breath and re-focus
Mindset Evolution-The Calling gotta have the house band and I loved training to this tune
Linkin Park-New Divide

And here's the listener suggestions and winners!!!
Pink Floyd-Run Like Hell sooo appropriate and I LOVE The Wall
Survivor-Eye of the Tiger I was totally going to put this one down anyway he it worked for Rocky why not Anna?
Motley Crue-Kick Start My Heart
ACDC-Thunderstruck (this one was a toss up w/ Distrubed Down w/ the Sickness so I flipped for it)
and Marilyn Manson-Beautiful People
Congrats to the winners and I hope it pumps me back up!

And honorable mention is My Darkest Days-Pornstar Dancing but I used the version with Ludacris cuz I haven't heard it yet.
Kevin Rudolf-Let it Rock cuz I loved training to this song

Then I asked some people close to me for a song suggestion so I would think of them as I near the finish line.
Eminem-So Bad the girl I'm running the 1/2 Mary with Jana's suggestion
Sixx: AM-Life is Beautiful-my BFF Scott's suggestion
Deee-Lite-Goove Is In the Heart my BFF and fellow 1/2 marathoner who I'll run a race in 2011 with Bry
Three Days Grace-Animal I have Become the worlds best boyfriend suggestion
and bringing it home with Flo Rider-Right Round

Cool down tracks so I keep walking and don't sit down for a few minutes are:
Incubus-Stellar-duhhh like I could do anything w/o a track from them

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  1. I sure hope we can be there when you cross the finish line - if not just know I wish I could be there & how peoud I am of you. Love you lots! Call me when you are done, if we don't make it.