Thursday, May 5, 2011

500 Festival Mini Marathon....IS HERE!!!

UHHH out of all times to get a blister-and for it to pop too! Hellllooo Blister Band-Aids! Tomorrow another adventure begins in my running passion. The clock is ticking and the to-do list seems endless the pressure is on to get everything done and in order and I  love it. Tomorrow at 10am I head to Indianapolis Indiana for the first time to run with 35,000 strangers...well 34,996 strangers, I'll know Matty, Bob and Koller. We've all been registered for this race since early December and have had our hotel booked  (Sheraton Downtown City Center) since December as well. Tomorrow I will take in the 500 Festival get my race packet, number, goodies and shop the expo all part of running a race and I love it. Pasta dinner at night and then the ritual begins, laying out my clothes that I will wear race day, my ipod, Garmin, attach my race number to my clothing and make sure everything is in order. I do this so that if I have forgotten anything I will have plenty of time to get what I have lost. Plus in the morning, which always comes way to early, I can easily get going and don't have to do a frantic search for what I need. Breakfast is already planned, Bagel, organic Peanut Butter and Banana-its my run must food, and I'm a big fan of the G-Series I love the pre-workout pouch and then G2 at about Mile 5-6 depending on how I feel and then usually around 9-10 I go with just water. Something really cool that they have going on with the race is you can follow me in real time via my facebook page with my split times being posted by Race Day tracking. My goal is 1:59:59, I don't know if I will make it, I did get seeded so I don't have to be slumped with the slow/general runners. I'm excited, nervous and oh so ready to rock this 13.1!

Wanna see the race I am running? View the video below-that race track BTW is the Indianapolis Motor Speedway roughly a 2.5 mile run on it-so so so soooooo excited!!!

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  1. Good Luck! Its no question to me that you'll hit under 1:59:59! I can't wait to see how you do.

    I have 13 scheduled for my marathon training that day. So I'll be thinking of you on my run! :)