Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Have you read about the Nake Marathoner yet?

Over the weekend an Ohio man was arrested for running the Flying Pig Marathon in Cincinnati NAKED! Police have charged Brett S. Henderson, 35, with public indecency and obstructing official business.

The Naked Marathon man is speaking out and held an exclusive interview with The Urban Daily Citizen and according to Henderson he doesn’t think he did anything wrong. Henderson says he’s run marathons all over the country and he knows that “anything goes on race day”. He claims he didn’t plan on running in the buff but he had borrowed shorts from his father and they kept slipping off. There was no drawstring and he even tried to tie his shirt around his waist to act as a belt with no luck. Eventually he just let them drop, with the encouragement of other runners and kept on going. He continues that police eventually asked him to stop, and he didn’t, then they threatened to Tase him and he still kept going, under the assumption that “anything goes” in the running culture. However the police didn’t see it that way, they Tased him, he dropped (like his shorts) and was arrested.

So as a runner I read this and find it funny because its kinda true, anything does go when it comes to race day running. Yes its true people do pee in their shorts (I’ve never done it, never had to, I pee a thousand times before the race to ensure I don’t have to stop) I’ve read countless articles of people who have done #2 in their pants or even on the race track. (again thankfully never happened to me but I have gotten the runners trots-look it up I’m not explaining it here, sorry.) But I’ve never actually herd of running in the buff. But ya know I guess anything does go in the race world. But there is one thing that Mr. Henderson says that makes me question him. He said he borrowed his shorts from his dad. I’ve only run a handful of races and even I know one of the cardinal rules of running is you NEVER wear something on race day that you haven’t worn before. Never! You just don’t know what it will do, ride up, chafe or even fall off. And when your running 26.2 miles its a pretty excellent rule to follow because when you have a problem at mile 2 with your clothing you’re stuck with that problem for another 24 miles.

Obviously this guy hasn’t googled nudist races because I found a few: Nuderuns.com and ironically I read about a nudist race in the latest Runner’s World Magazine and they suggest checking out nudist5k.com

Final thought-the sport bra was invented for a reason!

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  1. I actually know a lot of people that get a special outfit that they get to wear on their race day. I am willing to bet that most of the time they don't try it out beforehand. But I could be wrong. I myself would never try anything new on a race day unless of course the outfit is the same material that I am used to wearing and even then i'd be nervous.

    One would think though that if he put the shorts on he would be able tell that they were to big and slipping.