Thursday, May 19, 2011

Review: Tide Sport

I sweat...A LOT! I always try to tell myself that "at least it shows I'm working hard" or "I know I'm getting my burn on" but still deep down I'm a little bit self conscious of it. I'm sorry if this is just TMI for some of you I know men don't really like to hear about the unglamourous things women do but I feel the need to bring it up in todays blog after all I am doing a review of the new Tide Sport laundry detergent.

What is Tide Sport? According to their website "Tide Sport is formulated to fight tough sports stains like grass, dirt, clay, and blood. It’s the #1 sports detergent that also helps eliminate odor." How does it work? Tide Sport has this thing called "Renewing Freshness Technology" meaning that "This freshness releases when you wear or use an item, for fresh bursts of fragrance." In other words once I finish an RPM class or the Steamboat Classic I shouldn't smell as bad as I would had I not been using the Tide Sport (TS)!

I've seen TS in the isles and I've even seen other kinds of laundry detergents or laundry additives at specialty sport stores claiming to help take the stink out of your workout wear but not damage the goods. Lets face it, when you work out like I do you spend quite a bit of coin on workout attire. In fact I think I spend more on my running gear than I do my normal every day wear! And no matter how much I wash them it does take the smell out but not 100%. I was at Target Wednesday, picking up more sport bras and running capris, and decided to give the TS a try. I've never been more excited to do laundry and last night I rushed home from work with excitement to wash my pile of workout attire, no joke! I had a small load so I only filled the cap to the first line, per the instructions and washed/dried as normal. Upon removal from the drier my clothes did smell a bit better than normal but the true test would come once I was running today. I had 8 miles on tap and yes I did sweat a lot but never felt like I smelled any worse or any better than normal. I was in my newest clothes and didn't notice any smell. Now my older clothes have had time to lock in odor and I am pleased to say they seem to be smelling a bit fresher. I think the true test with the new TS is going to be over time. If my clothes continue to not have the odor locked in them then the new TS will definilty be a winner. With only one wash I am pleased with the results and hope that with continued use of TS they get fresher and fresher. I do recommend!

Price report: Price wise I believe with anything you get what you pay for. When you use the cheap generic brands you don't get a fresher scent. I've always been a fan of Gain, its a middle of the road detergent price wise and does very well. I picked up the 75oz bottle or 45 loads of TS at Target on sale for $8.99 with the original retail price being $11.99 so at the sale price it was a good buy and if I use it only on my workout clothes its a good buy in my book. Here is a link for a $1 off coupon.

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