Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Tips for Getting Past A Bad Run

When your a runner its bound to happen a bad run. There are different forms of bad runs the first is figuring out what kind of run. Let's say you set out to do a certain speed and fell far below your goal pace. Or distance, that was me today I set out to do 7 miles, which I did do, but sadly I didn't run the whole time. There are sprints you set out to do so many but was exhausted to early on to even finish. I've had all sorts of bad workouts, its just part of the game. I think the hardest part of me when I experience a bad run is the mental aspect of it. I'm always in a battle with myself and secretly with my runner pals (sorry guys/gals) I want to be fast, stronger and run longer than myself and others I know. Which is probably why I am finally wanting to do a marathon, heck all my r un pals are now and I just simply cannot be left in their dust, noooo way José! So when I have a bad run instantly the negativity comes into my mind and I dissect every single part of my pre-run ritual, where did I go wrong? What did I eat? Is it my clothes? What about my music? The weather? These were all questions that were running through my head as I was...WALKING...on my run today. I tried to blame that I had coconut milk with my breakfast, I must strictly stay away from dairy before running. I blamed the weather, it was too warm and I'm not used to it yet, even though I ran through heat Sunday afternoon. I blamed my shirt because I usually never wear it in warm weather. I blamed myself because I didn't take proper rest after my last 1/2 marathon. Runners will analyze every aspect to learn to be a better more effective runner. I went from doing 9 minute miles to over 11 minute miles which is SICK for me! But really it boils down to one simple thing, I (you) had a bad run. Its just part of the sport, bad runs happen. And as my good friend and fellow runner Jana pointed out was that you have to have a bad run in order to experience a good run! So don't let it play with your mind, be glad you still did something which is better than nothing and remember that run is done, until the next one of course, which for me is my 8 Mile Thursday.

Run for a cause? By now I am sure you have heard of the devastation in Joplin, Missouri after the most devastating tornado ever. I have a co worker who lived there and is trying to help out in anyway possible. She's even got co workers donating blood, but sadly I am not a very good blood donor. But I can run! She is pledging $2 for every mile she runs between now and June 18th (That is her race day-The Warrior Dash). Maybe we can do the same and join her Jogging for Joplin. I know some of us are pretty hard core and cover 30+ miles a week but maybe we can pledge $5 for every run or 25 cents a mile? Who's up for it? Please read out her personal call to help here at Jenn's Jogging For Joplin!

Runner's prayer, via U.S. 50K record holder Josh Cox: God, grant me the serenity to accept when I cannot run; the courage to run when I can; and the wisdom to know the difference.


  1. Thank you :) I needed this encouragement after my awful run tonight :)

  2. Bad runs happen (and I do not just mean bad runs). After a bad run, I always feel like it is my fault, that I did not push myself hard enough, instead of recognizing that some days one is just not up to it.