Thursday, June 16, 2011

How To Be A Great Spectator At A Race

I posted this on my work blog and had to repost it here, enjoy!

The Steamboat Classic is just a few days away and with over 4,000 people registered to take part in one of the races its shaping up to be another amazing run. And one of my favorite part of being in a race is the spectators. I love the kids. I make it a point to high five every single one of them see on the race route. Spectators are a huge reason why races are so fun. I love running into downtown and see all the people lining the streets to cheer on their runner. In fact I believe that is why I’m so excited for Saturday because I will have some very special loved ones here to cheer me on. Here are some tips on how you can be a rockstar spectator at Saturday’s Steamboat Classic.

Make a ton of noise; clap, cheer, shout, sing, play an instrument, we love it all!!!

Make a sign! One of encouragement for everyone and even one for your specific runner. I still have the signs that were made for me at a race and the sit proudly amongst my medals and bib numbers.

If the route runs along your house have a mini party in your yard.

Dress up in a silly costume, make yourself stand out!

Bring a camera and take lots of pictures pre and post race and during of your runner!

Block the route. For this course all runners are on the road so please make sure you stay to the side or on the sidewalk or your likely to get run over as runners don’t stop or slow down in a race so please stay off the course.

If a runner doesn’t smile, wave, high five you don’t take it personal most likely the are focused on their pace and may even have on ear phones and can’t hear you or didn’t even see you. Trust me they are very appreciative of you just being there.

Don’t boo that is just flat out rude.

Don’t waste your time and money and offer water or any other refreshments. There are plenty of those offered along the course for the runners.

Don’t throw stuff on the course.

Keep in mind that the runners at the end need encouragement too, cheer the loudest for them. It’s hard being last but its better to be last than to not have done it at all, show them how inspired you are by them!

Last but definitely the most important spectator rule and that is please do not smoke. Running is hard, breathing while running is even harder, breathing in toxic smoke while trying to run and breath shouldn’t happen…EVER! Don’t be rude and puff smoke into a runners face. And if you must smoke then go FAR away from the course and suck on that cancer stick.

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  1. Nicely put! Good luck at the Steamboat Race!!! Thanks for the posts, and keep up the awesome work! You and Jana are awesome! :)