Thursday, July 28, 2011

Vacation Run-Lake Delton-Wisconsin Dells

One of my favorite things to do on vacation is go for a run, its a great way to still stay active and to explore your surroundings. I've also noticed that when I run on vacation that I tend to be a little bit more wiser with my food choices (although I do make plenty of bad choices as well) and I enjoy the fact that I can be leisure with the run. I always recommend to pack your running shoes and gear when ever you venture out of town, trust me, you'll thank me later. Another bonus to running on vacation is feel I can ignore my pace and just run.

I did a google search for "running routes in Wisconsin Dells" and found quite a few routes that were posted on so we decided to follow one that went around Lake Delton, the route posted it was just over 6 miles so that was the perfect distance and it seemed to go right by our hotel. Turns out it was over 7 miles because our location on the main drag was further North from where the dailymiler poster had stayed. We ran this route on Tuesday and today and today I brought along my phone and snapped a few photo's at each mile marker. The whole route was rolling hills so it was a challenging run but in a good way, I liked that between each hill there was ample time to recover from the climb and there was always a downhill or vice versa, depends how you look it, what goes up must come down after all.

Start-Mykonos Village, Mt. Olympus Water and Theme Park

Mile 1-Still on the main drag-Wisconsin Dells Parkway

Mile 2-Still on Wisconsin Dells Parkway but going in a different direction (see garmin map)

Mile 3 (actually about 3.5)-and finally on a different more secluded road-Canyon Rd and along the lake

Around Mile 5ish-still giving the thumbs up!

Mile 6-on County Road A and the edge of the Lake.

6.5-It was very humid today so we stopped for a water at the Bait & Tackle

Ohhhh water tasted ohhh soooo gooood!

Mile 7-On Lake Ave and right by Noah's Ark and only a 1/2 mile to go!

The End-Sweaty Messes!


  1. Kudos to you running on vacay! You made some good points (ie. better food choices knowing a run will be involved, etc...). You are making me miss Wisconsin!!! Now in Maryland, I'd love to be back in the midwest! There's just nothing like the folks there!

  2. I love vacation runs! The Dells look so neat to run. Wish my man was a running partner like Matty is for you!