Monday, July 16, 2012

Chicago To Peoria St. Jude Run Begins Friday

The annual St. Jude Run is Friday and today I’m beyond excited to announce that because of YOU I have not only reached but surpassed my fundraising goal of $2500!!!

Over the weekend the band Betrayal From Within accepted donations at the Local Anesthetic Showcase at the HOI Fair on behalf of the Chicago to Peoria run and also donated the proceeds from the merchandise sales. I love the amount that they raised…$105! Thank You! Then, after teaching my RPM class this morning at the Riverplex, one of my students asked how much I had left to raise. I told her I had $110 left to get me to goal, her reply was “OK then, consider your goal reached!” and she handed me a check for that amount. Plus, another student gave me all the cash from his wallet, so I’m sitting beautifully at $2516!

I can’t say it enough, THANK YOU!

Even though I’m at my goal, don’t let that stop you from donating, it’s super easy to do and it all goes to helping the kids. Simply go to my donation page, click the “donate now” and make your contribution. Since the run is on Friday I can no longer accept check donations, if you can’t make one online you can drop a cash donation at the radio station and I’ll make the donation in your name.

I’d also like to thank the following people for their donation: Deano S., Bry S., Melinda D., Scott & Amy, Momma and Papa Kinkade, Diane and Ron B, Karla J., Karen P, Bart and Amy, Kurt and Mary Beth B, Kathryn F., Grandma and Grandpa, Rita F., Jeremy M., Erin O. Lissa C., Luann L. Ashely and John D., Jamelle L., Eric O., Shari M., Dallas C., Jana H., Jim S., Bob S., Deana O., Cassi Z., Kevin N., Andrea K., Craig C., Teresa S., Brad S., Brandon L., Doc Watson, Evan F., Chandra M., Amy F., Greg W., Fred & Minnie N., Tony N., Kev The Flyin Hawaiian, Mike M., Alter Ego Spalon, Allison P., Susie C., Barb J., Sexy Xie Chelsi, Joan W., Brad C., Red P., Ryan Black, Amanda K., Mary U., Dawn B., Barb J., Sexy Xie Liz, Zoe and Emma N., Mike Patton, Betrayal From Within, Megan B., Brent, Tonda B. and countless others who came by the radio station and made a donation, I couldn’t be doing this with your support and donations!!!!

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