Thursday, July 5, 2012


I know its been a while since I've blogged and I hate it but work makes me blog 12 times a week and I'm so over it because of that. Totally bummer too, I miss my blogger friends. Here's a lil re-cap of what I've been up to...I say quick but how much you want to be it will not be quick?


My last race was on the 4th of July, the Firecracker 5000 and nice 5k in downtown Peoria. I did terrible...really. I had a UTI and have been out of energy and not feeling well since last week plus its like a 100 degrees here and that is in literal terms not my over-hyped terms. So running has be tough. Last year I got 2nd in my age group in this race, just seconds from 1st, this year I got like 8th place and although there were some tough runners, my time was over 2 minutes off my best 5k. Plus I had my first throw up race. As soon as I crossed the finish line I started dry heaving and I know if I HAD something in my stomach it would have come up, so gross. It took me 45 minutes of laying on the sidewalk, in the shad with  my wonderful boyfriend pouring water on me, to recover. I still feel lousy today however that could be because I did the A.M. shift today.

Steamboat Classic-Didn't hit my goal here's my recap and photos.
Tremont Turkey Fest 5k-not my best, not my worst, 1st place in my age division and only because I sprinted and twisted myself through bodies. Here's that recap.

Steamboat Classic 4 mile race, that's me right there in front in the orange, thanks Journal Star!


I'm not training for anything at the moment but I do have TWO half marathons coming up in the fall and I'll become a Rock N Roll Heavy Medaler because of them. First is St. Louis on Oct. 21, this is just a warm up and for fun race, I don't have any expectations because we're going to the Blues game the night before. Second, is the one I'll be training for and it's also a vacation and visit to see my parents, that's the San Antonio 1/2 on Nov. 11th. I start training sometime in August for that and am still looking for a training plan, my goal/wish is to finish under 1:55.


Last Thursday/Friday I did a all day long broadcast in our parking lot to raise money for the St. Jude Chicago to Peoria run in just 2 weeks. Did very well, raised nearly $740 and put myself just $360 shy of making my fundraising goal. So if you want to donate here's the link! It's estimated I'll run 30-40 miles in the 36 hour relay run. However, I think the reason I'm not feeling well is because of the heat. I haven't felt 100% since the broadcast last week. It has me a bit worried how this run will affect me as its done 24-7 and lets face it, its July and it has been a very HOT summer thus far. The one thing I'm hoping will help me is that we are required to run a slower pace at 10 minute miles. Then again when your used to running faster, that could physically take a toll on me. Wish me luck, better yet, make a donation!

Tiffany and I collecting donations for the St. Jude Run

Plan for now:

I've been having some pain in my lower leg so for the next week or so I plan to just lay low. I have one more race tomorrow and yeah I'm worried about that one too. However, its only ONE mile and its all pretty much downhill and from what I hear the crowd is off the charts insanely awesome.

How's life and running treating you?

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