Thursday, June 30, 2011

Ohhhhh 800's

I have a love hate relationship with speed work. As I’m gearing up to run another 5k on Monday, the Firecracker 5000, I really want to do well. So far my PR in the 5k is 24:15, in fact I took a first place medal for that time, however I really want to beat it. The last 5k I did I had a slower time and was really unhappy with my time of 25:18. Yes I am fully aware that that is still a pretty good time for a 3.1 mile run but what can I say other than I like to always reach further.

A few weeks ago I was able to crash the Team Steam training (it’s a training program that is offered to runners of the Steamboat Classic) and the day I was there they were doing hills and speed. I chose the speed group because I do a ton of hill work and need to start focusing more on building on my speed. You start at Woodruff run the mile to Springdale Cemetery, one of my favorite running grounds, and then you run 800 meter loops in the lower part of the cemetery. It’s the loop that is off that entrance over there by PAWS, I’m sorry but I don’t know the street name. I really wanted to do 8 loops, which would equal 4 miles. I only did 7 and that 7th round was tough but I was able to keep my pace below an 8 minute mile so I’ll take it. Then I run the one mile back to Woodruff. Below is from my Garmin so you can check out my splits and the map of my route. Try it out next time you work on speed it’s a great route.

PS: So what’s the deal with the photo I posted? I HATE to run with a fuel belt or with a water bottle in hand but when working on 800’s I need something so I tough it out for the first mile and then leave my bottle in the park, after all I’m just running a continues loop. Springdale is so welcoming to runners and I want to respect that so I throw my garbage away, as EVERYONE should. But again I HATE running with something in my hand so once I drain my bottle and leave the park I crunch it up and put in my sport bra lol! Runners find odd places to stash things, if you’re one of them please share!


  1. Lol! I once stashed my cell phone in the front of my sports bra. I don't normally even bring a phone, but I was running a route in the dark by myself, and I wanted to feel safe. :)

  2. I find it so strange that you get annoyed by things like your I-pod holder or carrying a water bottle but you are okay putting an empty one there. That would drive me NUTS!

    Good Luck on Monday!