Monday, July 4, 2011

Firecracker 5000 (5K) Recap

Finally it's "Race Day" in Peoria Illinois, the Peoria Jaycee's Firecracker 5000, a simple 3.1 miles in downtown. I'm was aiming for a PR of under 24 minutes, my best time is 24:15! In preparation I've been running 800's, I really have backed down the running since Steamboat. I finally laid down some distance on Saturday morning and I struggled with the heat and humidity and lack of hydration but I finished 5.5 miles and then rested up yesterday.

The race begins right at 7:30 a.m and I got my place right at the start line with a few fellow Team RC runners, gun goes off and so do I. This is always where I screw up, right out of the gate I take off and I take off too fast. I always put a slower song as the number 1 play list pick to get me to slow down but I was just so jazzed and I shot out the gate. I tried to slow down but its hard once you've began. I am able to back it down a bit and hold my goal pace of about 7:45 for the first 2 miles but dammit going for the 3rd mile my shotgun start catches up to me, as my legs are burning and I'm winded. I know the course so I'm telling myself over and over "your going to PR" and I keep pushing but once I get back downtown and past the Gateway building I know I'm not going to PR and I feel like puking. So what do I do? Stupidly I tell myself its OK to slow down a bit and I take my pace to about an 8 and then chuck it home for the last .10. I'm mad because I'm only 55 seconds off a PR but still happy for a good race. Then finally results are posted and I'm back to being pissed.

Ignore how they screwed up my last name but look at the top three finisher times from first to 3rd there is only like an 8 second time difference and although I'm extremely pleased with my 2nd place finish (woo hooo) I'm only 3 seconds behind 1st. But those are impresses times look down that list all 8 minute miles paces for the top 13!

I absolutely love how running is in a boom and catching on. Steamboat saw an addition of 1500 runners this year and this race has a record turn out as well with what I heard was about 1000 registrants. Their previous max was 700, last year was like 680 or 90! I'm so happy more and more are getting into this sport but its making me push myself further because now that I know I can be competitive, I want to be a top contender at every race. Guess that's the winning attitude in me.

I love local races because you see so many friends, so here's a few shout outs to my fellow runner friends.

Jess-Check her out here at Run With Jess.

My Buddy and Indy 1/2 Cohort Bob.

And of course the person that means the most and my #1 fan, Matty!

2nd Place-I run because I can!


  1. Great Run Anna! Congrats on your 2nd place -- and oh, so close to 1st!!! I didn't look at the time posting. I guess I'll wait for them to post online. It was a fun morning... despite sore legs. Peoria is becoming a true Runner's World! Yeah!

  2. and thanks for the shout-out! :)

  3. ...AND you taught 60 minute rpm afterward! Super woman!