Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Sole Sisters Have Taken Off Running

There’s a new ladies group in Central Illinois that is promoting the fun of fitness and the bonds of sisterhood, they are the Sole Sisters. They are endorsed by the Peoria Area Track and Field Club and Running Central. According to the Sole Sisters facebook page they are “a women specific running group catering to beginning runners. Participants with more experience will find groups to meet their needs as well. This is a running program but it is also "girlfriend" time where we are each others biggest cheerleaders.” They meet every Wednesday for a shorter run (3-4 Miles) and then on Sunday for a longer run. Wednesday they meet at the start of the Rock Island Trail off Pioneer Parkway and on Sunday mornings at the Riverplex.

And cheerleaders they are! The group started just a few short weeks ago but due to my work schedule I am not able to run with them but due to this weeks change in shifts I was able to “crash” the Sole Sisters run last night. The very second I arrived I was welcomed by the group and conversations were immediately started up. Not only that but they also asked me to lead their group with the 10 minute mile pace! Of course I said YES and it made my night as I was honored to be able to lead a group and help people with their running questions. I ran with a group of about 8 ladies and heard stores of how they began running, ½ marathons they have done and what they look to do in the future. The comrade amongst these women makes you feel as if you’ve been best friends for years instead of just meeting minutes ago and to top it off it seemed like our 4 mile run was merely minutes instead of the 40 that we ran. Time sure does fly when you’re having fun with your Sole Sisters!

If you’re interested on joining they have runners and walkers, all ages, sizes and fitness levels. It is $30 to join but this fee allows you to also take part in any event done by the Peoria Area Track and Field Club and covers costs like the water and Gatorade that is provided to you on the runs/walks (they even have this places at various places on the run/walk route) and also covers insurance costs. However I am told that if you’d like to come out and try it first before joining you are welcome to try it for free. Join the fun and get inspired with your sisters, your Sole Sisters.

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