Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Want To See My Marathon Shirt?

Ever since I realized I was going to be capable of running the Milwaukee Lakefront Marathon (this Sunday) I knew I wanted to make it special, I mean just coming this far in such a short period of time should be celebrated. No matter how pretty or ugly those 26.2 miles are I wanted to have fun with it, so time to dress it up. I enlisted my friend Jess (Run With Jess) to help me out and she came up with FOUR amazing ideas, one of which was my original idea but I was worried it was "too much". Well, Jess did TOO GOOD of a job designing the shirts because I couldn't decided which to wear.

See my problem!

I blogged, I facebooked and Jess even recruited her loyal followers to cast the vote. Instantly there were two stand outs #2 "Ran Cancer Out" and #4 "5 Months Ago". I told the boyfriend about the designs and he simply said "It's OK I'll decide for you" and I was a bit worried because he was the one who put the bug in my head that my initial idea was "too much".

Jess prepping the iron on decal courtesy of www.runnerdecals.com
find her also on facebook here.

He took one look and picked one with out hesitation, Yes, he picked the original design. ha ha I told Jess and her reply "I'm glad he came around, that's the one you need to go with". She's right, always trust your instincts! Sunday I'm running a marathon, I'm running off of 10 weeks of training, I'm running after starting completely over again (I returned with run/walk intervals building back up from the very bottom) and I'm running after beating cervical cancer. It doesn't matter if I PR, I run the whole thing or even walk some and it doesn't matter if in 6 months from now or next year the shirt will be irrelevant what matters is now, this moment and that.....


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