Monday, April 7, 2014

10th Half Marathon In The Bag: Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon

This past Saturday I completed my 10th Half Marathon in Springfield, Illinois at the Lincoln Presidential Half Marathon!!! Wooo hooo!!!
Race Shirt and BAD ASS BLING!!!
How about that medal eh? In years past they normally give out a giant penny (which I have two) I had planned all along to run this race but when I saw the medal this year, a $5 bill, I signed up right away. Every year I always secure a PR at this race (1:55ish last year) but then I end up tanking for the race I'm actually training for.

I decided that I didn't want to ruin my PR chance for the race I'm actually training for, the Lincoln Half Marathon (Yeah ANOTHER 'lincoln' named race), so this was going to be a training run...that plan changed quickly. Last weekend I was in St. Louis and I thought I had got food poisoning but instead I may have picked up some bacteria/virus from the food I ate (I fell ill about 3 hours after eating and so did Matty). This week I haven't felt right, run down, bloated, nauseous and just uggggh. When I woke up Saturday my tummy just wasn't right.

Pre-race photo with the Sole Sisters...hey I finally made a 2nd picture!!!!

After a pre-race photo opp with the Peoria Sole Sisters I dashed off to find a bathroom but the lines were stupid crazy (which is my only complaint this year, I swear in the years past they had more port o pottys).  Matt and I ended up at the VERY BACK of the line ups cuz it was so congested but I figured this was good because then I was forced to start easy.

Mile 3 on I had stomach cramps and felt nauseous, miles 5-7 I debated taking at "DNF" (did not finish) because it was so bad, in fact I couldn't GU my tummy was so upset. With about 4 miles left I finally caught up to Heather and Cassi but I really had my sights on catching Jessica. Who I finally saw just ahead of me at the bottom of one of the last hills so I just chucked it down and was able to catch her half way up another hill. At this point it helped me take my mind of my belly and I just kept moving along. I had forgotten about pace so long ago and now it was a 5k to go, then before I knew it only a mile was left and it seriously was a blur it flew by so fast. It was my fastest mile the whole race.

Overall I'm super happy with the race, it was a training run...while sick and I still managed to pull off a finish in 2:07. Averaged a 9:46 pace which is a lot slower than my previous training runs but I was sick. Placed 63 out of 209. Also to give you any indication of my health...I've lost about 5lbs in one week! Granted my weight is FINALLY where I was pre-surgery I wouldn't recommend this kinda diet to anyone lol.

Last note, I decided I was just going to be a goofball for the camera and make silly faces and stuff. Usually I always try to look like this cool runner chick and end up looking like a jackass. I figured no matter what I always come off looking stupid so lets just be's the results, what do you think?

Completed the look with duck lips!!!
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I did have a litter seriousness going on!


  1. Love the recap! You did totally awesome for being sick. Also a HUGE Thank YOU for kicking my ass up the hill by Lincoln's Tomb. I totally appreciate the encouragement you gave.

  2. Your pictures cracked me up!! lol You ran well for being so sick. You're gonna rip up Lincoln, NEBRASKA!! :)